Record of Governor Training

Record of Governor Training  
Date Course Governor
Jul -21 Exclusion Training Paul Kidley
Jul -21 Exclusion Training Sharon Broughton
May-21 Headteacher Wellbeing  Emma Drew/Sarah M
Mar-21 School Financial Value Standards Emma Cleland
Apr-21 Effective Head Teacher Performance Management Rev Ric Whaite
Jan-21 Chairs of Governors Susan Fryer 
TBA Handling & Resolving Complaints Emma Cleland
TBA Handling & Resolving Complaints Sharon Broughton
TBA Handling & Resolving Complaints Paul Kidley
Nov-20 First Aid Sarah Maoudis
Nov-20 What Finance Governors need to know Emma Cleland
Oct-20 Being a Gov of a Church School Susan Fryer
Sep-20 Safeguarding Susan Fryer
Sep-20 Safeguarding Rev R Whaite
Sep-20 Safeguarding Sarah Maoudis
Sep-20 Safeguarding Elaine Speakman Daives
Sep-20 Safeguarding Karen Shapland
Sep-20 Safeguarding Sharon Broughton
Sep-20 Safeguarding  Emma Cleland
May-20 Introduction to becoming a Governor (online course) Sharon Broughton
May-20 Introduction to becoming a Governor (online course) Emma Cleland
Sep-20 Ongoing monthly course for Chair of Governors Sarah Maoudis
Jan – 20 SFVS Elaine Davies
Feb-19 Data Protection Training Sarah Maoudis
Feb-19 Prevent Training Susan Fryer
Feb-19 Prevent Training Sarah Maoudis
Feb-19 Prevent Training John Scott
Feb-19 Prevent Training Rachel Bryson
Jan-19 Complaints Handling  Janet Davies
Nov-18 Health & Safety  Janet Davies
Nov-18 Know your SEND Janet Davies
Nov-18 GDPR Training John Scott
Nov-18 Heath & Safety John Scott
Nov-18 Health & Safety Paul Kidley
Oct – 18 Fraud & Audit Paul Kidley
Sep-18 Safeguarding Paul Kidley
Sep-18 Safeguarding John Scott
Sep-18 Being a Church Governor Susan Fryer
Sep-18 Safeguarding Susan Fryer
Sep-18 Safeguarding Rachel Bryson
Sep-18 Safeguarding  Kerri Mulhall
Jun-18 Safeguarding Sarah Maoudis
Jun-18 Safeguarding Janet Davies
May-18 Role of School Gov Karen Shapland
May-18 Meet the Lead Inspector Karen Shapland

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