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At Overleigh St. Mary's children study Christianity and four of the other principal religions practised in Britain - Islam,Sikkhism, Judaism and Hinduism. Through theme days, such as our 'Knowledge and Understanding of the World' days, children also have the opportunity to learn about Buddhism and more minor religions. Children are encouraged to develop a knowledge of these religions; to gain an understanding of the influence of beliefs, values and practices within these religions on the individual and within societies; to reflect upon their own beliefs; and to respect the belief of others. Religious Education within our school is carried out within an ethos of care, respect and consideration.
Religious Education is taught according to the Cheshire West and Chester Agreed Syllabus. Children encounter religion through a variety of strategies, such as reading, discussion, stillness and reflection, looking at photographs and videos, handling artefacts, drama, hearing stories, interviewing guests from faith communities and personal research (e.g. the internet). Children respond by finding out more, personal reflection, evaluation, sharing ideas, role play and art. The children have first hand experiences from visitors and trips to places of Worship. For example, year 6 heard from a volunteer serving with a Christian charity and year 3 visited St Mary's Church.

Please find attached our locally agreed syllabus and the whole school long term plan for RE.


Inter Faith Week- November 2018:

From 19-23rd November, we celebrated Inter Faith Week which was all about celebrating the diversity of faiths within the United Kingdom and our school. Our theme was 'a United Kingdom' which focused on how people of faith can work together in unity to make the UK the best it can be. In our whole school assembly, we demonstrated what unity looks like through the '4 chair challenge.' 

A large number of KS2 children also took part in an Inter Faith lunchtime Quiz. The children idenitified the percentage of believers of each religion in the UK and decided whether newspaper headlines, about faiths uniting, were true or false. 

We also partnered with Queens Park High School to mark Inter Faith Week. Sixth Form students ran an Inter Faith Discussion Forum with our year sixes and questions such as 'Is there only one way to God?' were answered from different faith perspectives. The Sixth Form students also gifted us with a piece of art work which reflected the theme 'a United Kingdom.' At Overleigh, we had a whole school art competition and the winning entries will be used to produce a collaborative piece which we will then gift to QPHS in return. 

It was a fantastic week and it was clear that the children whole-heartedly believe we need a truly 'United Kingdom.'



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