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At Overleigh St. Mary's children study Christianity and four of the other principal religions practised in Britain - Islam,Sikkhism, Judaism and Hinduism. Children are encouraged to develop a knowledge of these religions; to gain an understanding of the influence of beliefs, values and practices within these religions on the individual and within societies; to reflect upon their own beliefs; and to respect the belief of others. Religious Education within our school is carried out within an ethos of care, respect and consideration.
Religious Education is taught according to the Cheshire West and Chester Agreed Syllabus 'Encounter and Response'. Activities in the classroom are based around the two attainment targets, AT1 - 'Encountering Religion' and AT2 - 'Responding to Religion'.
Children encounter religion through a variety of strategies, such as reading, discussion, stillness and reflection, looking at pictures, handling artefacts, drama, hearing stories, and personal research (e.g. the internet). Children respond by finding out more, personal reflection, evaluation, sharing ideas, role play and art. The children have first hand experiences from visitors and trips to places of Worship.

Christmas Carol Concert

Take a look at some photos from the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 carol concert!  The children were able to share carols with their families at St Mary's Church in Handbridge.  They retold the Christmas story with singing, percussion and Bible readings. 

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Year 2 children led the Sunday Candlemas service at St. Mary's Church in Handbridge.  They sang hymns, did readings and made lanterns for the occasion.  It was enjoyed by the children, their families and the wider community.  Look at our photographs from the event:







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