Phonics and Reading


At Overleigh, we use the Letters and Sounds Phonics Programme. We begin teaching phonics in Reception and progress through the six phases in the Letters and Sounds document until the children have a strong grasp to underlie their reading and writing. Children are taught through a variety of games, activities, computer programs and apps.

During the summer term in Year 1 children are tested nationally using the Phonics Screen Check which provides part of the picture for their learning. Teachers can provide parents with information and advice through an annual workshop and by giving resources and suggestions for supporting phonics learning at home.


Our over-riding aim for children’s reading at Overleigh is to develop confident and fluent readers who thoroughly enjoy books. We introduce them to different authors across their time in the school such as Julia Donaldson in Key Stage 1 right up to Michael Morpurgo, and even William Shakespeare. Children are taught a variety of strategies and need to cross check these and monitor their reading for the best results. Later, when decoding is mastered, the emphasis shifts to higher order skills, such as inferring and deducing along with examining author intent. We don't rely on any single reading schemes, however we make most use of Oxford Reading Tree.

In Key Stage 1 children are heard to read twice per week as the norm and once per week in Key Stage 2. Children are expected to read in guided groups, led by the adult to focus on particular skills or questioning. A home/ school reading diary/ journal comes back and forth to school and home to build a dialogue to help the reader progress.


Guidance as recommended minimum reading from children at home:

EYFS: Children read  5x per week for 5 minutes each time

KS1:  Children read  5x per week for 10 minutes each time

LKS2: Children read  3x per week

UKS2: Children read  3x per week

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