Yr6 Class assembly script

Date: 10th Feb 2020 @ 9:52am

Picasso class assembly


(SOPHIE) Welcome to Picasso class assembly! We have lots to show you this term. Our topic has been based around animals. We have been looking, in particular, at endangered animals, classifying them, examining why they are endangered, and what we can do to help.


(EVAN) It’s been a really cool topic. We’ve learned about vultures, bison, gorillas, tigers, and more. But first, to show you what we have been studying, we thought we would show you what these animals look like. For example, here is a vulture.


(FYNN) Here’s my sketch of a tiger. There are only 3,900 tigers left in the wild.


(EVAN) Here’s my tiger. A group of tigers is called an ‘ambush’ or a ‘streak’.


(PHOEBE) And this one is my drawing of a gorilla. A gorilla lives in the jungles of central Africa, and they are critically endangered.


(ANA) This is my drawing of a gorilla. Even though they are huge, they are vegetarian!


(HARRY) This is my tiger. Did you know, a tiger cub is born blind, and only knows where it is going by following the scent of its mother?


(LILLY) We have written information texts about vultures. We’ll share some of ours with you.





(DANIEL) We have also written texts about the tiger.





(ALFIE) As you can see, we’ve done a lot. But it hasn’t just been these animals we have classified. We have also been looking at microbes. Some cause you to be ill, but most are harmless or good for you.

(OWEN) You can get different microbes, like viruses, bacteria and fungi.

(ALFIE) Want to hear a joke? Why did all the vegetables really like the mushroom?

(OWEN) I don’t know.

(ALFIE) Because he was a FUN-GUY!


(BEN) It’s our last year in primary school, and we want to do as well as we can. We have SATS soon, but that’s ok. Working hard is the only thing that truly matters.

(TYLER) We are more than just Year 6 pupils. We are more than exams, tests or SATS. We are individuals, with abilities, talents and skills.


(SETH) Welcome to tonight’s edition of Strictly Britain’s Got Talent On Ice! First up we have Tyler Arunchot.

(LUCAS) He’s got a book full of jokes and he is not afraid to use them!



*Buzzers sound after each joke.*

(ETHAN): That was the worst thing I have ever heard!

(OLIVER): You call those jokes? I call them terrible!

(SOPHIE): I quite liked it actually….


(SETH) Next up we have Adam Ziar. I hear he’s a maths whizz.

(LUCAS) I’ve heard he solved pi, and it was delicious!


(SOPHIE): What is 25% as a fraction?

(ADAM): A quarter!

(OLIVER):  What is a fifth as a percentage?

(ADAM): 20%

(ETHAN): What is 100% as a decimal?

(ADAM): One point zero zero!


(SETH) Judges, let’s see your scores.

*Judges show scores*

(OLIVER): Well done Adam, you’re through to the next round!


(LUCAS): Now we have Carmen Pierce, who’s got a dramatic performance for us.

*Carmen: Recite lines*


*Judges give standing ovation*

(SOPHIE): You’re through to the next round, well done!


(SETH)  Last we have Ben Davies, who has some music for us.

*Ben plays guitar.*

(ETHAN) GOLDEN BUZZER, you’re straight through to the final!




Amy: So what’d your name, and where’d you come from?


Sylvie: I’m Sylvie, a Roman citizen living in Chester. Our punishments are really harsh, to put people off committing crimes. So when I spoke out against the Emperor, I was sent to the gladiator pits, where I was mauled by a lion.

Amy: Mauled by a lion? That’s brilliant! Ok, you’re through to the afterlife! Next!


Phoebe: Hi, I’m Phoebe. I’m a Viking. I got accused of a crime and asked for a trial by ordeal. I had a trial by water. We think that if a person drowned, they were considered guilty but if they survived, they were innocent. I didn’t make it, I am innocent though!

Amy: You ASKED for a trial by ordeal? You nutter! Serves you right. Ok, you’re through to the afterlife! Next!


Ben: I’m Ben, a Tudor guitar player. I was caught singing a Catholic song, but Henry VIII is Protestant… So I was accused of treason and executed.

Amy: For singing a song? Couldn’t have been a very good one! Ok, you’re through to the afterlife! Next!


Harry: I’m Harry. It’s the Early Modern period, so crimes are punished harshly under the Bloody Code. Almost any small crime can get you killed. I stole a sheep. I got caught. I got executed.

Amy: Executed? For stealing a sheep?  You’re obviously not a very good thief. Ha! Ok, you’re through to the afterlife! Next! Last one!


Fynn: I’m Fynn. I’m a Victorian. I’m a thief, and when I got caught, I got sent to Australia as punishment. Lots of people do in my time. Anyway, I got sick on the way and died before I got there.

Amy: You died? On the way? What a wally! Ok, you’re through to the afterlife!



*I am….*


(GRACE) Thank you for joining us for our assembly. We’ve learned a lot this year, from English and Maths, through to Science, Art, History, Geography, and all the rest.


(SYLVIE) We’ve had responsibilities, like Reception Buddies, School Council, Green Team and Safety Officers.


(AMY) We’ve been lost in the desert in Holes, we’ve been terrified of Clockwork, we’ve seen a boy in the girl’s bathroom, and now we’re leaving the Shire.


(KATIE) We are Picasso, we are Year 6, we are Overleigh, we are mathematicians, scientists, explorers, historians, writers, and we are so much more.


*I am a…..*

CARLY: Please join us in our closing prayer.

Dear Lord, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn such a huge range of things,

(SAMUEL) Let us be thankful for all the blessings and opportunities we have,

(CARLY) Help us to support each other moving forward, and be role models for those who join our school,

(SAMUEL) And remind us that we are all one, and all together. Amen

















I am a  ____________________________________________________



I am a  ____________________________________________________



I am a  ____________________________________________________



I am a  ____________________________________________________



I am a  ____________________________________________________



I am a  ____________________________________________________



I am a  ____________________________________________________





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